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Function Synopsis

[header, data] = hdrload(file)

Help text

 HDRLOAD Load data from an ASCII file containing a text header.

 [header, data] = HDRLOAD('filename.ext') reads a data file
 called 'filename.ext', which contains a text header.  There
 is no default extension; any extensions must be explicitly

 The first output, HEADER, is the header information, returned
 as a text array.
 The second output, DATA, is the data matrix.  This data matrix
 has the same dimensions as the data in the file, one row per
 line of ASCII data in the file.  If the data is not regularly
 spaced (i.e., each line of ASCII data does not contain the
 same number of points), the data is returned as a column

 Limitations: No line of the text header can begin with a number.
              Only one header and data set will be read, and
              the header must come before the data.

           and the IOFUN directory.

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