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 GEATbx  Utility functions (often useful outside GEATbx as well)

 Setting GEATbx parameters (incl. load and save of parameter sets)
 geaobjpara    - Get special data from objective function (boundaries, function name, ...)
 geaoptset     - Create/alters GEAOPTions structure for parameter SETtings of GEA Toolbox
 geaoptload    - LOAD OPTions from a text file
 geaoptsave    - SAVE a GEAOPTions structure to a matlab file
 objfunoptset  - Create/alter OPTions structure for parameter SETtings of OBJective FUNctions
 paraoptset    - Create/alter PARAOPTions structure

 Output of GEATbx parameters nicely formatted and the GEATbx optimization status
 geaoptprint   - Print GEAOPTions structure of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string
 gearunstatus  - Prints RUN STATUS of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string

 Boundary checking and collection of individuals (archive in MO optimization)
 chkbound      - CHecK the boundaries of variables and set to boundaries when outside
 colbestind    - Collect best individuals during an optimization run

 Replication and expansion of Matlab variables
 rep           - REPlicate a matrix, utility function
 expandm       - EXPAND a Matrix, utility function
 expandvec     - This function replicates a vector vec

 Handling of field names
 fieldnames_full - Create cell array with all full fieldnames of given structure
 fieldnames_parts - Decompose long/full fieldnames into their parts

 Search for files by search mask
 findfiles     - Find Files regarding a search mask 
 findfilesup   - Find Files upwards the directory structure regarding a search mask 

 Helper functions for visualization
 plotstd       - change appearance of PLOT in a STanDard way
 visuminmaxdiff - Compute minimum and maximum of provided data and a scaling difference between both
 prprintf      - Pretty Print formated of variable

 Save the Matlab variables in a named manner (needed for off-line visualization and saving of all results) 
 savebindata   - SAVing BINary DATA to a file by appending variables
 savebindata2  - SAVing BINary DATA to a file and provide the data with any name
 savebindatasp - SAVing BINary DATA to a file with a Secure Protokoll
 loadsave      - LOADing of data from a file and SAVing these data and more to the same file

 String handling functions (extend file names, deblank on both sides)
 straddname    - Add a special name to a string/file name
 straddtime    - Add a date and time string to a string base
 deblankall    - Remove leading and trailing Spaces from string or cell array of strings

 Special utility functions
 asknondom     - Ask for the percentage of non-dominated individuals in a population
 inteul        - Integration of ODE's using EULER's formula
 intrk4        - INtegration of ODE's using RUNGE-KUTTA-formula 4
 hdrload       - HDRLOAD Load data from an ASCII file containing a text header.
 menutext      - Generate a text menu of choices for user input (no graphical menu)
 paraoptexample - Create/alter PARAOPTions structure
 paraoptload   - LOAD PARAOPTions from a text file
 paraoptpropexample - Create a default PARAOPTions cell array containing the definition of possible options
 paraoptsave   - SAVE a PARAOPTions structure to a text or matlab file
 geanumind     - Calculate number of subpopulations and individuals for GEATbx
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