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Function Synopsis

geaopt = paraoptexample(varargin)

Help text

 Create/alter PARAOPTions structure

 This function creates or alters options structures.
 This function can be used for:
  - creating a new complete options structure, all values set to defaults
  - create a new partial options structure with given properties
  - combine two or more predefined options structures into one
  - change given properties of a options structure 
 The Example section below provides examples for all these possibilities.

 Syntax:  paraopt = paraoptset(P1, P2, P3, P4, ...)

 Input parameter:
    See Examples below for description of possible inputs types and their 
    corresponding functionality.

 Output parameter:
    PARAOPT    - Structure with newly defined options

 See also: paraoptset, paraoptload, paraoptsave

Cross-Reference Information

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