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Function Synopsis

[FieldNamesFull] = fieldnames_full(StructFull)

Help text

 Create cell array with all full fieldnames of given structure

 This function collects the complete/full fieldnames of a given 
 structure up to arbitrary levels and returnes them in a cell array.
 This function calls itself recursively to get the fieldnames of 
 the lower levels.

 Syntax:  [FieldNamesFull] = fieldnames_full(StructFull)

 Input parameters:
    StructFull - Structure of any form

 Output parameter:
    FieldNamesFull - cell array of strings containing the complete 
                     fieldnames of the input structure

 % Get the complete/full fieldnames of the structure
 >> ExplStruct.First = 24;
 >> ExplStruct.SecondField.Higher = 'no';
 >> ExplStruct.SecondField.Deeper.Really = 38;
 >> FullFieldNames = fieldnames_full(ExplStruct)
    FullFieldNames = 
      { 'First'

 See also: paraoptset, paraoptsave, paraoptload, fieldnames_parts

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