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Function Synopsis

Result = geaoptsave(GeaOpt, FileName, FilePath, FileType)

Help text

 SAVE a GEAOPTions structure to a matlab file

 This function saves a GEAOPTIONS structure to an matlab m-file. 
 A fully functional matlab m-file is created and the correct syntax
 calls to geaoptset are included for recreating the given options.

 This function is used for:
  - saving parameters defined by the GEA Toolbox GUI to a readable and 
    editable format

 Syntax:  Result = geaoptsave(GeaOpt, FileName, FilePath)

 Input parameter:
    GeaOpt    - Structure with geaoptions
    FileName  - (optional) String containing name of file to save to
    FilePath  - (optional) String containing path to file

 Output parameter:
    Result    - indicates the result of the operation

 See also: geamain2, geagui, geaoptset, geaoptprint, geaoptload

Cross-Reference Information

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