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Function Synopsis

[PrString, ErrMsg] = prprintf(Format, Between, VarData)

Help text

 Pretty Print formated of variable

 This function takes the given variable and produces a string
 containing the contents of the variable in a pretty printed
 The function checks the variable, if it contains characters.
 When characters are in the variable/matrix, each row is printed
 as one string without looking at 'Format'. 'Between' is used as
 Otherwise (VarData contains only numbers), each element is printed
 using 'Format'. 'Between' is used to divide the elements of one
 row. Between rows a number of spaces is included to visually
 divide the rows.
 If the variable contains structures or cell arrays, this function 
 is called recursively for every element, even structure arrays.
 An internal function prstruct handles the special case of structures
 appropriately. The field names are printed as well, every element on
 a single line.
 All this produces a good looking string of the elements in 'VarData'
 without worrying to much about the format of the elements.

 Syntax:  [PrString, ErrMsg] = prprintf(Format, Between, VarData)

 Input parameter:
    Format    - (optional) String containing formatstring, uses same 
                syntax as sprintf
                   if omitted, '%g' is used
    Between   - (optional) String containing characters to put
                between elements in VarData 
                   if omitted, '   ' is used
    VarData   - Variable(s) to pretty print, may be a scalar,
                a character, a string, a matrix, a cell array or 
                a structure with all of this, even mixed up

    If only 2 input parameters are provided, the first input is
    Format and the second input VarData, Between is set to an empty

    If only 1 input parameters is provided, the first input is
    VarData, Format and  Between are set to default values.
 Output parameter:
    PrString  - String containing the elements in VarData pretty
    ErrMsg    - String containing possible error message, then PrString
                is an empty string
                ErrMsg is an empty matrix, when no error occured

 >>prprintf('%g', '/', [1.02 4.07 3.0532])

 >>prprintf('%.3g ', [1.02 4.07; 3.0532 5.875; 3.324 4.123])
     1.02 4.07   3.05 5.88   3.32 4.12

 >>prprintf('%s', ' ', ['eins';'zwei';'drei';'vier'])
     eins zwei drei vier

 Try prprintf with cell arrays and structures as well!

 See also: sprintf

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