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Function Synopsis

[xnew, GeaOpt] = demomop(OptVariant, FunVariant)

Help text

 DEMO function for multiobjective optimization including many examples

 This function provides an example for using the GEATbx for 
 multiobjective optimization.
 Here is the entry point for multi-objective optimization. 
 All the relevant parameters for MO problems are defined here. 
 Additionally, nearly all of the MO example functions of the GEATbx
 can be executed by this demo function including constrained
 functions and function with goals.
 At the end of the optimization the PARETO front of the found 
 best solutions is visualized (using plotmop).
 Syntax:  demomop(OptVariant, FunVariant)

 Input parameter:
    OptVariant - Scalar indicating the used optimization method
                  1: globally oriented optimization with multiple subpops
                  2: globally oriented optimization with 1 subpop (panmictic)
                  3: locally oriented optimization
                  if omitted or NaN, 1 is assumed

    FunVariant - String indicating the used MO-function
                  if omitted or NaN, a menu will be shown with the 
                  possible options

 Output parameter:
    no output parameter

 See also: geaoptset, geamain2, mobj*

Cross-Reference Information

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