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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = mobjfonseca2(Chrom);

Help text

 Multi-OBJective function: FONSECA's MO-function 2

 This function implements FONSECA's multiobjective function 2.
 Fonseca, Carlos and Fleming, Peter: Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms
 Made Easy: Selection, Sharing, and Mating Restriction." Proceedings of 
 the 1st International Conference on Genetic Algorithms in Engineering 
 Systems: Innovations and Applications GALESIA'95, pp. 45-52, IEEE, 1995.

 Pareto Properties:
 Ptrue connected, PFtrue connected and concave, analytical solution known

 Syntax:  ObjVal = mobjfonseca2(Chrom)
 For Input and Output parameters see objfun1.
 See also: objfun1, objfunoptset, mobjfonseca1

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