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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = asknondom(Chrom, MObjFun, varargin)

Help text

 Ask for the percentage of non-dominated individuals in a population

 This function implements the answer to the question:
 How many individuals of a given population are non-dominated (and
 the remainder is dominated)?
 Depending on the size of the population and the number of ojectives 
 this number changes dramatically (from only a few non-dominated to 
 nearly all individuals are non-dominated).
 The function is implemented as an objective function. Thus, it can be 
 used throughout the GEATbx (but especially for plotmesh).
 The parameters of the "individuals" are the size of the population
 and the number of objectives (optional). An additional parameter 
 to the function defines the multi-objective objective function to 
 use. Any of the many examples of the GEATbx an be used.

 The results of this experiment are published in:
 Bagot, Benoit and Pohlheim, Hartmut: Complementary Selection and 
 Variation for an Efficient Multiobjective Optimization of Complex 
 Systems. CEC2005, 2005.
 The paper can also be found at:

 Syntax:  ObjVal = asknondom(Chrom, MObjFun)

 Input parameters:
    Chrom     - Matrix containing the variables of the problem formulation.
                Each line constitutes one population with the given size and
                the given number of objectives.
                Chrom(:,1): number of individuals in the population
                Chrom(:,2): number of objectives of the used MO function
    MObjFun   - (optional) String containing the name of the MO function to use
                if omitted or NaN 'mobjfonseca2' is used

 Output parameters:
    ObjVal    - Column vector containing the percentage of non-dominated 
                individuals in the given populations.
 See also: plotmesh, mobjfonseca2, objfun1, objfunoptset

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