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Function Synopsis

PlotData = plotmesh(OBJ_F, Bounds, Points, varargin)

Help text

 PLOT of objective functions as MESH Plot 

 This function takes the name of an objective function and produces
 a variation mesh plot using 2 dimensions or an variation line plot
 using one dimension. This gives an impression of the objective function
 or of the area around a good (or selected) point.
 The function may be used for a variation analysis or for demos.

 Syntax:  plotmesh(OBJ_F, Bounds, Points, varargin)

    OBJ_F     - string with function name of objective function
                if omitted, 'objfun1' is assumed
    Bounds    - Matrix containing the boundaries of the objective
                function for mesh plotting, same format as in
                objective function.
                Bounds=[lower_bound_x1, lower_bound_x2;
                        upper_bound_x1, upper_bound_x2]
                if Bounds has more than 2 columns, than first one or two
                    columns with Bounds(2)-Bounds(1) are used for variation
                if Bounds are omitted, the objective function is called using
                   geaobjpara to get the default boundaries
    Points    - Scalar/vector containing number of mesh grid points.
                If 2 scalars are provided, the first is used for
                points in x1 and the second for points in x2.
                If 1 scalar is provided it is used for points in x1 and x2
                if ommitted, 25 points in both directions are assumed
                "Undocumented features of Points"
                if Points contains more than one row, each row has the 
                following meaning:
                first row:  number of mesh grid points
                second row: value of optimum for first and second dimension
                            a doted line is plotted along this value
                third row: define limits for y-values of 2-D plots
                           (does sometimes not work for 3-D plots)
    varargin  - additional parameters for the objective function

    Plotdata  - (optional) cell array containing plot data 
                currently only implemented for 2D-plots
                see visubase for format description

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