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Function Synopsis

ObjFunPara = geaobjpara(ObjFun, ParaWhat, varargin)

Help text

 Get special data from objective function (boundaries, function name, ...)

 The given objective function (filename in ObjFun) is called with 
 a special syntax. Depending on ParaWhat a special parameter or option
 of the objective function is returned.
 By default the following options are supported:
  - boundaries of the variables (VLUB)
  - descriptive name of the objective function
  - global minimum (best objective value)
 Additionally, for a variable number of variables and/or objective values
 this number can be defined/set using a further parameter (see Examples).
 The values for these parameters/options must be set inside the objective
 function. See objfun1 for an example.
 The Example section below will provide examples for all these possibilities.

 This function handles all different methods ever used for calling an
 objective function in the GEATbx.

 Syntax:  ObjFunPara = geaobjpara(ObjFun, ParaWhat, AddPara)

 Input parameter:
    ObjFun    - String containing the name of the objective function
    ParaWhat  - (optional) Scalar indicating which parameter/option to return
                   1: boundaries of variables (defines dimension of problem at the same time)
                   2: descriptive name for objective function
                   3: global optimum (when known), not useful for MO functions
                  11: set the number of objectives (only useful for MO functions 
                         with a variable number of objectives)
                  16: get the goals for (multiple) objectives
                  21: get the association between variables and objective values
                         (only useful for MO functions, when not every variable 
                          contributes to each objective value)
    AddPara   - (optional) additional parameter(s) for objective function

 Output parameter:
    ObjFunPara- requested parameter or option depending on ParaWhat

 % Get variable boundaries for objfun1
 >> VLUB = geaobjpara('objfun1')

 % Get variable boundaries for objfun2 for exact 12 variables
 >> VLUB = geaobjpara('objfun2', [1 12])

 % Define the use of 14 objectives for following calls of the MO function mobjdtlz1
 >> geaobjpara('mobjdtlz1', [11 14])

 % Get the goals for the (multiple) objectives of the function
 >> Goals = geaobjpara('mobjbahinconstr', [16])

 See also: geamain2, objfun1

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