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Function Synopsis

[DataPoints, Labels, DataObj] = samdata(WhatData)

Help text

 Collection of example data for sammon mapping

 This functions returns data of high-dimensional data points.
 Depending on contents of first input parameter data for different
 systems is returned. A second output parameter my contain labels
 of the data points.

 Syntax:  [DataPoints, Labels, DataObj] = samdata(WhatData)

 Input parameter:
    WhatData  - string describing data to produce.
                'helix'   : 3D helix data
                'helix2'  : another 3D helix
                'circles' : 2 circles lying above each with a large distance
                'circles2': 2 circles with low distance
                'circles4': same as 'circles' with 4 pieces of circles
                'objfun2'/'objfun6': 3D representation of these objective functions
                'skulls'  : data of 40 skulls (12 values each)
                'skulls_female' : data of 18 skulls (subset of 'skulls')
                'skulls_male' : data of 23 skulls (subset of 'skulls')
                'kellog'  : data of 23 kellog cereals
                'f2good'  : loading of optimization result^data from file
                            example of high-dimesnional result visualization
                            with the GEATbx

 Output parameter:
    DataPoints- Matrix containing data points, every row corresponds
                   to one point in high-dimensional space
    Labels    - Matrix containing text strings, every row corresponds
                   to the label of the point in the corresponding
                   DataPoints row
    DataObj   - Vector (column) containing the objective values of the
                   data points, can be used for high-dimensional 
                   visualization of search space

 See also: sammon, samplot

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