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 GEATbx  Visualization related functions

 Visualization of GEATbx optimization data during run and afterwards
 resplot       - RESult PLOTing of GEA Toolbox optimization
 reslook       - LOOK at saved RESults
 reslook2      - LOOK at saved RESults
 reslook2s     - LOOK at saved GEATbx binary RESults 2 (plot)

 Visualization of multi-objective functions during optimization
 plotmop       - PLOT properties of MultiObjective functions

 Creation of one- and two dimensional mesh plots
 plotmesh      - PLOT of objective functions as MESH Plot 
 graf_msh      - Create search space visualizations of objective functions
 meshvar       - Create search space visualizations (one- and two dimensional slices) of objective functions

 Functions for SAMMON mapping and plotting
 sammon        - Multidimensional scaling (SAMMON mapping)
 samfun        - Objective function for Sammon mapping, calculates derivatives as well
 samplot       - Plot function for Multidimensional scaling (SAMMON mapping)
 samdata       - Collection of example data for sammon mapping
 samadd        - Add new highdimensional points to an existing Sammon-Map using Distance Mapping

 Function for fitness distance correlation
 fitdistc      - FITness DISTance Correlation computation

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