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Function Synopsis

Out = plotmop(ChromAll, ObjVAll, RankVAll, MopOpt, LegLabels)

Help text

 PLOT properties of MultiObjective functions

 This function takes the individuals in Chrom and separetes dominated 
 and non-dominated solutions according to RankV. If RankV is omitted, pareto 
 ranking is done.
 Graphics visualize the dominated and non-dominated objective values, ObjV,
 and variable values, Chrom. Depending on the dimension of the MO function 
 2-D or 3-D graphics are employed.

 Syntax:  Out = plotmop(Chrom, ObjV, RankV, MopOpt)

 Input parameters:
    Chrom     - Matrix containing individuals to visualize
    ObjV      - Matrix containing objective values for individuals in 
                   Chrom,.every row contains the objective values of 
                   the corresponding  individual in Chrom
    RankV     - Column vector containing rank values of individuals,
                   non-dominated individuals have the rank 0
    MopOpt    - (optional) Options for display
                MopOpt(1): DescrOBJ_F - String containing the descriptive 
                                        name of objective function

 Output parameters:
    no output parameters

 See also: ranking, mobjfonseca1, mobj*, moptest

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