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 DEMO for optimizing 'Vehicle routing problems'

 Vehicle routing problems VRP are a special class of ordering/
 sequenzing/permutation/... optimization problems.
 Many different optimization algorithms exist, many of 
 them quicker than evolutionary algorithms. Nevertheless,
 some of the best results for a number of benchmark problems 
 were found using evolutionary algorithms. 
 Beside the benchmark problems (quite a few of them included here)
 exist many real-world problems, which can be assessed as VRP.

 This demo function provides an example of parameter settings for 
 this kind of permutation problem including the problem specific 
 visualization and data loading.

 Syntax:  demovrp

 Input parameter:
    no input parameter

 Output parameter:
    no output parameter

 See also: objvrp, plotvrp, vrpgetdata, tbx3perm, tbx3comp

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