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 GEATbx  Demo functions, ready to run examples

 Examples of the GEATbx, just start any of these functions
 demogeatbx    - DEMO for GEATbx, standard functions
 demofun1      - DEMO for optimizing 'De Jong's function 1
 demofun2      - Demo for optimizing ROSENBROOK's valey (banana function) 2 using Evolution Strategy
 demobin1      - DEMO for optimizing a simple binary function
 demointeger1  - DEMO for optimizing integer variables/representation 1
 demoobjfun    - DEMO for optimizing standard objective functions
 demoterm      - DEMO for testing the termination options
 demofun1cmp   - DEMO for optimizing 'De Jong's function 1 with competing strategies
 demosga       - DEMO for the Simple Genetic Algorithm

 Optimization of multi-objective examples
 demomop       - DEMO function for multiobjective optimization including many examples
 democantilever - DEMO for multiobjective optimization of cantilever beam system
 demodebconstr - DEMO for testing DEB's MO function

 Optimization of dynamic systems (SL/SF systems, differential equations, ...)
 demodopi      - Demo for optimizing the double integrator (dynamic SL/SF system)
 demoauto1     - SCRipt for optimizing Lateral control auto 1

 Optimization of scheduling and routing problems (TSP, VRP, JSSP)
 demotsplib    - DEMO for optimizing 'TSP Library' examples
 demovrp       - DEMO for optimizing 'Vehicle routing problems'
 demojssp1     - DEMO for optimizing JSSP problem

 Demos for special cases
 demofunbb     - DEMO for optimizing special Var2ObjV assignments

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