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 DEMO for optimizing integer variables/representation 1

 This script provides an example for defining parameters for the
 optimization of integer variables.
 Some of the parameters are loaded from the toolbox function
 tbx3int. Afterwards the mutation parameters are adapted.

 All other parameters are quite standard for a demo example:
 - visualization on screen every 20 generations
 - termination after a few hundred generations
 - use of multiple subpopulations and competition between them
 - optimization of one of the standard benchmark function: objfun6

 Saving of data to file (text and binary) is not switched on 
 by default (but may be easily changed below).

 Syntax:  demointeger1

 Input parameter:
    no input parameter

 Output parameter:
    no output parameter

 See also: demofun1, tbx3int, tbx3comp, geamain2, recdis, mutint

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