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Function Synopsis

[xnew, GeaOpt] = demoterm(OptVariant, TermVariant)

Help text

 DEMO for testing the termination options

 This function provides an example for using some of the termination
 options in an optimization. 
 The options are defined by the structure method providing a 
 higher flexibility.
 Change the variable TermVariant to one of the possible numbers and run the
 function. Different termination methods will be used. Over the run of the 
 optimization the value of the termination parameter can be checked on 
 the screen. After some runs you will get a feeling for the validity or 
 utility of the different options.

 Be carefull, use all the time one of the garanteed termination option
 as well (max generations and max time). Most of the other methods will 
 very often never terminate (depends on the problem and the used operator
 settings). And when the other options terminate, they very often terminate 
 too early. 

 However, play around with the methods and their settings, change the 
 objective function (standard is 'objfun1') or change other parameters. At
 the end you will know, which of the termination methods is suited best 
 for your problem at hand.

 Syntax:  demoterm(OptVariant, TermVariant)

 Input parameter:
    OptVariant  - Scalar indicating the used optimization method
                  1: globally oriented optimization
                  2: locally oriented optimization
                  if omitted or NaN, a menu will be shown with the 
                  possible options

    TermVariant - Scalar indicating the used termination method
                  if omitted or NaN, a menu will be shown with the 
                  possible options

 Output parameter:
    no output parameter

 See also: geaoptset, geamain2, terminat

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