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Function Synopsis

answer = menutext(HeaderText, varargin);

Help text

 Generate a text menu of choices for user input (no graphical menu)

 Presents a text menu in the command window. The menu-items will be 
 presented as a numbered list in the command window.
 The functionality is nearly identical to menu. However, no graphical 
 menu is presented.

 Syntax:  answer = menutext(HeaderText, varargin)

 Input parameter:
    HeaderText- String containing the header / descriptive question for the text menu
    varargin  - multiple strings or cell array of strings containing the mnu options

 Output parameter:
    answer    - Scalar containing thenumber of the selected menu option

 >> choice = menutext('Select function', 'objfun1', 'objfun2', 'objfun6')
     ----- Select function -----
        1) objfun1
        2) objfun1
        3) objfun1
     Select a menu number:

   The number entered by the user in response to the prompt is
   returned as choice (i.e. choice = 2 implies that the user selected objfun2).

 See also: menu

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