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Function Synopsis

NewChrom = recgp(Chrom, RecRate);

Help text

 RECombination Generalized Position

 This function takes a matrix Chrom containing an permutation representation
 of the individuals in the current population, applies the generalized
 position crossover to consecutive pairs of individuals with probability
 RecRate and returns the resulting population.

 Syntax:  NewChrom = recgp(Chrom, RecRate)

 Input parameters:
    Chrom     - Matrix containing the chromosomes of the old
                population. Each row corresponds to one individual.
    RecRate   - Probability of crossover ocurring between pairs
                of individuals.

 Output parameter:
    NewChrom  - Matrix containing the chromosomes of the population
                after mating, ready to be mutated and/or evaluated,
                in the same format as Chrom.

 See also: recombin, recint, recpm

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