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Function Synopsis

FileNamewithTime = straddtime(FileNameBase)

Help text

 Add a date and time string to a string base

 This function extends a given string with the current date and 
 time (24h). (format: yyyy-mmm-dd_hh-mm-ss)
 The main use is in the generation of a different filename for data 
 files each time the function is called (when the second changed).
 The given file name base can be used for specifying the topic of
 the data.
 The handling of a path and file extension is done inside the function.

 Syntax:  FileNamewithTime = straddtime(FileNameBase)

 Input parameter:
    FileNameBase- String containing the base of the new filename

 Output parameter:
    FileNamewithTime - extended string


  % Extend the string/filename 'OptResult' with the current date and time
  % the result means: created at 5th of May 2002, 22:12:39
  >> NewName = straddtime('OptResult');
     NewName = 'OptResult_2000-May-05_22-12-39'

 See also: straddname

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