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Function Synopsis

x = plottsplib(OBJ_F, chrom, gen, TSPLibFunName);

Help text

 PLOTing of results of TSP optimization (TSPLIB examples)

 This function plots some of the results during computation
 of the TSPLIB examples.

 Syntax:  plottsplib(OBJ_F, chrom, gen, TSPLibFunName)

 Input parameters:
    OBJ_F     - Vector containing the (name of the) objective function
    chrom     - Vector containing the individual for simulation
    gen       - Scalar containing the number of the current generation
    TSPLibFunName - additional parameter, string with name of TSPLib problem 
                    see objtsplib for more info

 Output parameter:
    x         - Matrix containing the results from objtsplib

 See also: objtsplib, demotsplib, tsp_readlib

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