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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = mobjcantilever(Chrom);

Help text

 Objective function for multiobjective cantilever beam system

 This function implements the multiobjective cantilever beam 
 system minimizing deflection and weight. 
 A description can be found in:
 Deb, Kalyanmoy: Multi-Objective Optimization using Evolutionary
                 Algorithms. pp. 19-22, .
 The constraints are included by the definition of Goals in the
 evolutionary algorithm ([Inf, 5, 300]).

 Syntax:  ObjVal = mobjcantilever(Chrom)

 Input parameter:
    Chrom  - Matrix containing the individuals for calculation of the objective function
                Chrom(:,1) - diameter [mm]
                Chrom(:,2) - length [mm]
             for parameter definition of the objective function see objfun1 and objfunoptset

 Output parameter:
    ObjVal - Matrix containing the objective values, one row for each individual in Chrom
                ObjVal(:,1) - weight [kg]      (just minimize)
                ObjVal(:,2) - deflection [mm]  (minimize with goal 5)
                ObjVal(:,3) - stress [Pa]      (minimize with goal 300)

 See also: democantilever, objfun1, objfunoptset, mobjfonseca2

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