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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = mobjdtlz3(Chrom);

Help text

 MultiObjective Function: Deb, Thiele, Zitzler, Laumanns' multiobjective function 3

 Kalyanmoy Deb, Eckart Zitzler, Lothar Thiele and Marco Laumanns:
 Scalable Test Problems for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization.

 Pareto Properties:
 Ptrue connected ,PFtrue convex

 The number of variables per individual must be at least 2 more
 than the number of objectives. Suggested is NVar = NObj + 4 and more.

 Syntax:  ObjV = mobjdtlz3(Chrom)

 For Input and Output parameters see objfun1.
 See also: mobjfonseca1, objfun1, mobjdtlz1, mobjdtlz2

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