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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = mobjkita(Chrom);

Help text

 MultiObjective Function: KITA's function (constrained)

 Kita, H., Yabumoto, Y., Mori, N., Nishikawa, Y.: 
 "Multi-Objective Optimization by Means of the Thermodynamical 
 Genetic Algorithm." in Voigt et al. (ed.), Parallel Problem 
 Solving from Nature - PPSN IV, pp. 504-512, 1996.

 Pareto Properties:
 Ptrue connected, PFtrue convex
 (original problem was maximized, here we multiply with -1)

 Syntax:  ObjV = mobjkita(Chrom)

 For Input and Output parameters see objfun1.

 See also: objfun1, mobjfonseca1

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