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Function Synopsis

SaveStatus = savebindatasp(FileLS, varargin)

Help text

 SAVing BINary DATA to a file with a Secure Protokoll

 Interface to the function savebindata2 employing a secure protokoll
 for the access to the data file by the saving process and an 
 external process.
 Before accessing the data file the existence of a send lock file is
 tested (background: another process accesses the data file for 
 sending it to another computer). When the lock file exists, the 
 reading/saving is delayed.
 Before saving a write lock file is created in the directory of
 the data file. This signals the other process, that the file can 
 not be accessed.
 The name of send and write flag file is created from the name of 
 the data file and the prefix 'send_' and 'write_' respectively.
 The actual saving is done by the standard function savebindata2. 

 Syntax:  savebindatasp(FileLS, varargin)

 Input parameters:
    FileLS    - String containing the name of the mat-file
                   if the file doesn't exist, it will be created
    P1-Pxx    - (optional) input variables (all in varargin)
                   even numbers: string containing name of next variable
                   odd  numbers: variable
                   example: P1 contains the name of the variable in P2
                            P3 the name of the variable in P4 and so on

 Output parameter:
    SaveStatus - Scalar defining the result of the save operation

  % mat-file 'filename.mat' doesn't exist
  >>savebindata2('FileName', 'var2', var2, 'var3', var3)
  % now mat-file 'filename.mat' contains 1 struct variable 
  % called 'GEATbxData' with 2 fields called: 'var2' and 'var3'

 See also: geamain2

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