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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = mobjrandobjv1(Chrom);

Help text

 MultiObjective Problem: Pohlheim-Bagot random-valued multi-objective function 1

 Produce random objective values independent of the values of the
 individuals in Chrom (Chrom is only used to define the number of 
 individuals to produce objective values for).
 If the (persistent) parameter NOBJUSE is larger than 1 multiple
 objective values per individual are returned.
 This objective function was defined to research the distribution 
 of multi-objective individuals in dominated and non-dominated 
 individuals depending on the number of variables and the number 
 of objective values per individual . 
 More info can be found in the paper:
 Bagot, B. and Pohlheim, H.: Complementary selection and variation for 
    an efficient multiobjective optimization of complex systems.  
    CECí2005, 2005.

 See also: objfun168, asknondom

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