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Function Synopsis

ObjVal = objtsp1(routes, option)

Help text

 OBJective function for the traveling salesman example

 This function computes the length of the routes given by the
 individuals. The variables of the individuals define the order
 of the points to travel. The distance between all points is 
 given by the parameter option (DistMat).
 These problems are known as Travelling salesman (TSP).

 Syntax: ObjVal = objtsp1(routes, option)

 Input parameter:
    routes    - Matrix containg the variables of the individuals 
                   (the points of the routes).
    option    - if routes contains a matrix with the individuals, 
                   than option contains the distance matrix between 
                   the citys (points of travel),
                elseif routes == [] and
                option == 1 (or []) return boundaries (here just 
                             the number of variables and the 
                             corresponding upper/lower bounds)
                option == 2 return title for figures or docu
                option == 3 return value of global minimum

 Output parameter:
    ObjVal    - Matrix containing the objective values for the individuals
                  in routes (length of the routes).

 See also: scrtsp1, tbxperm, initpp, mutswap, mutexch, recgp, recpm
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