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 Set all paths for the GEA toolbox (Matlab search path)

 This file is configured to add all paths of the GEATbx to
 the Matlab search path. It must be started from the main 
 directory of the GEATbx

 This file can work for multiple Matlab installations (multi 
 user and multi version) and multiple operating systems.
 For multiple users put it in a central place. Then all 
 users can access this file to add the defined paths 
 to their Matlab search path.
 The existing Matlab search path is just extended. Thus, 
 this m-file works for all users on the same network.

 Syntax: path_gea
 This file can be called by hand at the beginning of a 
 Matlab session (just change to the directory of the GEATbx
 and call path_gea).
 This file can be called by the startup-file in
 MATLABROOT\toolbox\local    for WIN32
 ~/matlab                    for UNIX
 Include the main directory (where this file is) in the matlab 
 search path and call path_gea everywhere
 % change to main GEATbx directory  - user specific (recommended)
 >> cd MATLABROOT\toolbox\geatbx
 % call path script, adding all necessary search paths for GEATbx
 >> path_gea
 % the extended path may be saved for later sessions by calling: 
 % File / Set path ...  and selecting Save.

 % inclusion in startup m-file (startup.m).
 pwdact = pwd;
 % change directory to find path_gea.m
 if strcmp(computer,'PCWIN')
    cd P:ATH\TO\geatbx;
 else cd /PATH/TO/geatbx; end;
 % set the new path
 % and return

 Then, all the necesary path information will be included 
 in the MATLAB path (added at the end of the MATLAB path).

Cross-Reference Information

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