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Function Synopsis

FitnVShare = rankshare(ShareV, FitnV, ShareOpt)

Help text

 SHARing between individuals

 This function performs sharing between individuals.
 This is used during the calculation of fitness values in 
 the ranking of multiple objective values.

 Syntax:  FitnVShare = rankshare(Chrom, FitnV, ShareOpt)

 Algorithm reference: 
    The sharing function is implemented according to:
       Goldberg & Richardson, Deb & Goldberg

 Input parameters:
    ShareV    - Matrix containing the individuals or objective values 
                of the population (sharing in search or solution space)
    FitnV     - Vector containing the fitness values of the individuals
    ShareOpt  - (optional) Vector containing sharing option
                ShareOpt(1): ShareSigma
                ShareOpt(2): ShareAlpha
                ShareOpt(3): ShareBeta

 Output parameters:
    FitnVShare- Column vector containing the shared fitness values

 See also: ranking

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