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Function Synopsis

[Chrom, ObjVCh] = reinsloc(Chrom, SelCh, SUBPOPCh, SUBPOPSel, InsOpt, ObjVCh, ObjVSel, RankCh, RankSel, SelIx);

Help text

 RE-INSertion of offspring in population replacing parents LOCal

 This function performs local insertion of offspring into the current 
 population, replacing parents with offspring and returning the
 resulting population. If sellocal was used for selection, reinsloc
 must be used for reinsertion. This is the only chance to
 keep the local neighbourhood unchanged.
 The calling syntax is very similar to reins.
 This function doesn't support subpopulations. Thus, for a hybrid
 model of regional and local model reinsloc must be called
 from reins. Then reins handles all the regional stuff.

 Syntax:  [Chrom, ObjVCh] = reinsloc(Chrom, SelCh, SUBPOPCh, SUBPOPSel, InsOpt, ObjVCh, ObjVSel, RankCh, RankSel, SelIx)

 Input parameters:
    Chrom     - see reins
    SelCh     - see reins
    SUBPOPCh  - see reins
    SUBPOPSel - see reins
    InsOpt    - (optional) Vector containing the insertion method parameters
                InsOpt(1): Select - number indicating kind of insertion
                           0 - every offspring replace randomly
                           1 - every offspring replace weakest
                           2 - fitter than weakest replace weakest
                           3 - fitter than weakest replace parents
                           4 - fitter than weakest replace randomly
                           5 - fitter than parent replace parent
                           6 - replace parents
                           if omitted or NaN, 2 is assumed
                InsOpt(2): not used
                InsOpt(5): local dimension (see comploc)
                InsOpt(6): local structure (see comploc)
                InsOpt(7): local distance  (see comploc)
    ObjVCh    - see reins
    ObjVSel   - see reins
    RankCh    - see reins
    RankSel   - see reins
    SelIx     - Matrix containing indices of selected parents in Chrom, output parameter
                of selection/sellocal

 Output parameters:
    Chrom     - Matrix containing the individuals of the current
                population after reinsertion.
    ObjVCh    - if ObjVCh and ObjVSel are input parameter, than column vector containing
                the objective values of the individuals of the current
                generation after reinsertion.

 See also: reins, reinsreg, sellocal

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