Evolutionary Algorithms for MATLAB
(incl. Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming)

Evolutionary Algorithms are the common term used for algorithms based on principles of nature (evolution, genetic). Evolutionary Algorithms contain genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming and genetic programming.

GEATbx: Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox for use with Matlab

GADS: Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox for use with MATLAB

Genetic Algorithm Toolbox for use with MATLAB

CMA Evolution Strategy for Noisy and Global Optimization: Implementations in MATLAB

GPLAB - a Genetic Programming toolbox for MATLAB

Genetic Algorithm Optimization Toolbox (GAOT)

FlexTool (GA) - Genetic Algorithm Toolbox for Matlab Users

Genetic Programming with Matlab

Other pages providing an overview of Evolutionary / Genetic Algorithms (EA) tools in Matlab