The source code (m-files) of the toolbox cannot be downloaded from this website. You can buy the GEATbx directly from the Internet (handled by ShareIT!) or order the GEATbx for Evaluation.

Here we offer a number of free documents and example functions. You can download, read and print these documents free of charge.

Introduction to Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms: Overview, Methods and Operators version 3.8 (101 pages, pdf, 980 KB)

All the different directions of Evolutionary Algorithms (i.e. genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming, evolution strategies) are described in one unified view. (The special/universal representation and operators of genetic programming are not described.)

I explain the different operators, their parameters and good default settings for the parameters. The different representations (real, integer, binary and partly ordering) often used in Evolutionary Algorithms are mentioned.

One chapter discusses the combination of options to Evolutionary Algorithm (just set a few options and you get an classical genetic algorithm, set a few other options and you get an evolution strategy). Especially the last part underlines the unified view to Evolutionary Algorithms implemented in the GEATbx.

This Introduction includes an extensive list of references too.

Tutorial for the GEATbx

Tutorial - Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox version 3.8 (56 pages, pdf, 480 KB)

Extensive tutorial for the GEATbx including quick start, writing objective functions, variable representations, overview of GEATbx structure and data structures of the GEATbx.

Beside this part which is closely linked to the GEATbx, the Tutorial also includes information on how to approach new optimization problems.

Operators, Parameters and Options of the GEATbx

Options of GEATbx version 3.8 (50 pages, pdf, 617 KB)

In deep overview of features, operators, parameters and options of the GEATbx.

Example Functions for the GEATbx

Example Functions version 3.8 (21 pages, pdf, 478 KB)

Descriptions of some of the example functions of the GEATbx incl. full mathematical definition, special properties of the functions and a graphical visualization of the search space.

GEATbx Documentation (XHTML)

Beside viewing the GEATbx documentation in (X)HTML format directly from this site you can also download parts of the documentation in 2 zip-files.

HTML pages of the GEATbx documentation version 3.8 (zip, 672 KB)
Pictures of the GEATbx documentation version 3.8 (zip, 739 KB)

A readme file explains the installation (just extract all the files to a directory of your choice and open index.html).

The HTML documentation also contains the Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithm, the Tutorial for the GEATbx, the Options of the GEATbx and the Example Functions of the GEATbx. Both the pdf and the html files are generated from the same source files.

The html files are better suited for browsing and reading on screen. The pdf files above are much better suited for printing.

Matlab functions and utilities

A number of Matlab functions and utilities are available from