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Function Synopsis

[NewChromMut] = mutes2(ChromMut, FieldDR, MutOpt);

Help text

 MUTation by Evolutionary Strategies 2, derandomized self adaption

 This function takes a matrix ChromMut containing the real
 representation of the individuals in the current population and the 
 mutation step sizes, mutates the individuals and returns
 the offspring and the new mutation step matrix in NewChromMut.

 This function implements the ES algorithm with derandomized mutative
 step-size control using accumulated information
 Ostermeier, Gawelczyk, Hansen: Step-Size Adaptation Based on Non-Local
 Use of Selection Information. PPSN3, pp. 189-198, 1994.

 Syntax:  [NewChromMut] = mutes2(ChromMut, FieldDR, MutOpt)

 Input parameter:
    ChromMut  - Matrix containing the chromosomes and the mutation variables
                of the old population. Each row corresponds to one individual.
                First third columns contain the chromosomes, second
                third the individual step sizes and the third the accumulated
                ChromMut = [Chrom, MutSteps, AccuInfo]
    FieldDR   - Matrix describing the boundaries of each variable.
    MutOpt    - (optional) Vector containing mutation rate and shrink value
                not used here
                MutOpt(1): MutRate - number containing the mutation rate -
                           probability for mutation of a variable
                           not used here
                MutOpt(2): MutShrink - (optional) number for shrinking the
                           mutation range in the range [0 ???], possibility to
                           shrink the range of the mutation.
                           (used for shrinking the starting step sizes)
                           if omitted or NaN, MutShrink = 1 is assumed
                MutOpt(3): MutNumOff - (optional) Number of offspring to be
                           produced per parent
                           if omitted or NaN, MutNumOff = 1 is assumed
                           at the moment not used, MutNumOff = 1 all the time

 Output parameter:
    NewChromMut-Matrix containing the chromosomes and the mutation variables
                of the new population after mutation, ready to be evaluated,
                in the same format as ChromMut. 

 See also: mutes1, mutate, mutreal, mutbin, mutint

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