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Function Synopsis

GEAOPT = tbx3sga

Help text

 ToolBoX function to define parameters for the Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA)

 This function defines parameters for the Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA).
 This includes the internal use of a binary representation (the variables can 
 be real, integer or binary). 
 Recombination/Crossover uses one-point crossover and a crossover probability 
 of 0.7.
 For mutation binary mutation must be used (because of the internal binary 
 representation). The mutation probability (default is 1) is internally 
 divided by the number of (internal) variables, thus only one binary value 
 per individual is mutated. Change this value appropriate. The used internal
 value is presented on the screen at the beginning of the optimization.
 Just one panmictic population is used.
 The generation gap of selection is set to 1, thus no generation gap. Implicitly
 the recombination/crossover probability of 0.7 works as an generation gap or
 as elitist selection.
 When using this parameter function, please compare to the other (more powerful)
 parameter setting functions (tbx3real, tbx3comp, ...).
 This parameter setting function is mainly provided to show you how to define 
 even the first and most simple genetic algorithm using the GEATbx. Can be used 
 for comparison or whatever you want. But these parameters are not recommended 
 for productive use - in nearly every real-world case they are not good.

 Syntax:  GEAOPT = tbx3sga

 Input parameter:
    no input parameters

 Output parameter:
    GEAOPT    - Structure with newly defined options

 See also: geamain2, geaoptset, tbx3bin, tbx3real, tbx3comp

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