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Function Synopsis

GEAOPT = tbx3silent

Help text

 ToolBoX function to define parameters for no textual and graphical output during an optimization

 This function defines parameters for a silent optimization. This means
 no textual or graphical output during an optimization on the screen.

 This feature can be used for many consecutive optimization runs, where 
 no output on screen is necessary (unsupervised optimization runs). An
 example is the comparison of different optimization algorithms or option
 settings for one or multiple objective functions.

 When using this feature, you must ensure the results are saved (during 
 optimization by the GEATbx or outside the provided GEATbx functions by 
 employing the return values).

 Syntax:  GEAOPT = tbx3silent

 Input parameter:
    no input parameters

 Output parameter:
    GEAOPT    - Structure with newly defined options

 See also: tbx3output, tbx3textless, geamain2, geaoptset

Cross-Reference Information

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