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Function Synopsis

GEAOPT = tbx3textless

Help text

 ToolBoX function to define parameters for a silent optimization (minimal output on screen)

 This function defines parameters to exclude some of the textual information.
 In this way less textual output is shown during an optimization on the screen.
 This feature may be used for demonstrations, where all the details are not 
 necessary or disturb the user.

 The given configuration excludes all information except the essential one.
 Just the information on objective function and evolutionary options is 
 displayed at the beginning of the optimization. During the optimization
 only the generation and the objective value are displayed (and a large 
 display interval is defined here). At the end we get the usual summary 
 on the optimization results.
 If Output.TextExcludeHead is also set to 1, we only get the output during 
 optimization (generation and objective value) and the end of optimization results.
 This can be seen as the minimal output. 
 Afterwards is only no output by setting Output.TextInterval to 0 (see tbx3silent).

 Syntax:  GEAOPT = tbx3textless

 Input parameter:
    no input parameters

 Output parameter:
    GEAOPT    - Structure with newly defined options

 See also: tbx3output, tbx3silent, geamain2, geaoptset

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