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asknondomAsk for the percentage of non-dominated individuals in a population

chkboundCHecK the boundaries of variables and set to boundaries when outside
colbestindCollect best individuals during an optimization run

deblankallRemove leading and trailing Spaces from string or cell array of strings

expandmEXPAND a Matrix, utility function
expandvecThis function replicates a vector vec

fieldnames_fullCreate cell array with all full fieldnames of given structure
fieldnames_partsDecompose long/full fieldnames into their parts
findfilesFind Files regarding a search mask
findfilesupFind Files upwards the directory structure regarding a search mask

geanumindCalculate number of subpopulations and individuals for GEATbx
geaobjparaGet special data from objective function (boundaries, function name, ...)
geaoptloadLOAD OPTions from a text file
geaoptprintPrint GEAOPTions structure of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string
geaoptsaveSAVE a GEAOPTions structure to a matlab file
geaoptsetCreate/alters GEAOPTions structure for parameter SETtings of GEA Toolbox
gearunstatusPrints RUN STATUS of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string

hdrloadHDRLOAD Load data from an ASCII file containing a text header.

inteulIntegration of ODE's using EULER's formula
intrk4INtegration of ODE's using RUNGE-KUTTA-formula 4

loadsaveLOADing of data from a file and SAVing these data and more to the same file

menutextGenerate a text menu of choices for user input (no graphical menu)

objfunoptsetCreate/alter OPTions structure for parameter SETtings of OBJective FUNctions

paraoptexampleCreate/alter PARAOPTions structure
paraoptloadLOAD PARAOPTions from a text file
paraoptpropexampleCreate a default PARAOPTions cell array containing the definition of possible options
paraoptsaveSAVE a PARAOPTions structure to a text or matlab file
paraoptsetCreate/alter PARAOPTions structure
plotstdchange appearance of PLOT in a STanDard way
prprintfPretty Print formated of variable

repREPlicate a matrix, utility function

savebindataSAVing BINary DATA to a file by appending variables
savebindata2SAVing BINary DATA to a file and provide the data with any name
savebindataspSAVing BINary DATA to a file with a Secure Protokoll
straddnameAdd a special name to a string/file name
straddtimeAdd a date and time string to a string base

visuminmaxdiffCompute minimum and maximum of provided data and a scaling difference between both

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